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Computer Forensics is the term which describes Investigation and Analysis techniques used to determine legal evidence from Digital Media. Applications include offences where a Computer is used to facilitate a Crime such as theft of trade secrets, theft of or destruction of intellectual property (Read more..) fraud and much more.

KJB Computer Forensics Consultancy has extensive expertise in Computer Forensic Investigations, including the preparation of reports for court and giving evidence in court. The Director is the most experienced Forensic analyst within the private sector in Scotland and one of the most experienced Nationwide.

When is a Digital Forensic Expert Required?

If we are the victim of a traditional crime, burglary, robbery etc, the location where the crime was committed would be considered the crime scene. We all know that when a crime is perpetrated, the criminal leaves traces of themselves at the scene. In order to protect the integrity of this type of evidence, it has to be gathered in a forensically sound manner - the original evidence must not be altered. A Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) would be tasked to the scene. The SOCO is trained to gather evidence forensically, examine it and thereafter produce the evidence in a court of law.

A similar approach is taken when a criminal uses digital media such as a computer, mobile telephone etc to commit or facilitate a crime. In this case the digital media becomes the crime scene - it is a digital crime scene. The same circumstances apply to the digital crime scene - the criminal leaves traces of their activity on the computer. So who do you call when you need someone to examine the digital crime scene? - A Computer Forensics expert. This is where we come in; we can acquire ( Acquisition of Evidence...Read more) and examine any form of digital media in a forensically sound manner, thereby preserving the integrity of the original evidence. (Investigation and Analysis...)

What are the dangers of not using a Computer Forensics expert?
As soon as a Computer is switched on, the Operating System accesses a number of files, which causes the dates and times associated with these files to be modified. Whilst these changes may appear to be very minor, there is a real danger that they could call into question the integrity of the digital evidence which may ultimately, affect the outcome of your investigation.

You should always seek the expertise of a qualified Computer Forensic expert to investigate a Digital Crime Scene. We will tell you exactly what has or has not happened and provide an expert witness report to a standard acceptable in court.

Expert Witness Testomonial

Having completed an investigation on your behalf we will attend court, Criminal,Civil or an industrial tribunal hearing to give evidence of our findings. We have given expert evidence in the High Court (Scotland) on behalf of Crown and Defence agents.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information, we look forward to working with you in the not too distant future.