Wi-Fi Forensics and Survey








Wireless Networks have fast become the most convenient and cost effective way to provide network connectivity, in the home, office and in most public areas. With this convenience and the huge increase in the popularity of wireless technologies over recent years, comes an increased threat to the integrity of Company Data.

Wireless networks offer yet another attack vector for potential Hackers to exploit, especially insecure networks (No Encryption)

Wireless Network Forensics is a discipline included within Computer Forensics, specifically within Network Forensics. Wireless Network Forensics provides the methodology and tools required to collect and analyze wireless network traffic. KJB Computer Forensics are the most experienced Wireless Network Forensics experts in Scotland.

Wireless Network Forensics can help establish the movements of a particular device - provide details of the device location. A Wi-Fi Survey can establish the geographical footprint of your Wireless Network coverage and provide evidence of communication between devices.

Wireless Network Forensics can be used to uncover network anomalies, discover the source of security attacks and investigate breaches on computers and wireless networks. This information can be used to ascertain whether devices on the wireless network have been used for illegal or unauthorized activities.

When conducting a Wireless Network Forensic investigation we follow the same general principles that apply to Computer Forensics: identify, preserve and analyze the evidence,which allows us to impartially report our findings and conclusions.

KJB Computer Forensics Consultancy Ltd offer consultancy on aspects of Wireless Network Forensics and Security .

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